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We specialize in video and live production services for the independent school sector.  We help increase school admissions and make your school stand out. 

Video Production

Live Streaming

Our team can take on any live event, from musicals, Plays, interviews, open houses, state of school, graduations etc.

Image by Matthew Kwong


We edit all our school videos at our facilities in Stamford CT. 



We offer a full live action game production with multiple camera angles. 


In today’s world where people spend most of their time online, the expectation for high quality content has never been greater. Online video content is the new frontier where specialist content creation agencies like ours are pushing the boundaries to create better, more eye-catching and more impactful content. Video content has been proved time and time again to be the medium for getting exceptional marketing results. And working with a specialist video production agency can help you achieve that.

Our team leverage years of experience working with multiple private schools, producing great content. We know what works and what doesn’t. And because we also put a huge focus on video marketing strategy and digital marketing know-how, we make sure all the content we create will do the job it was meant to.

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