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Why video Stream?

Features & Benefits

  • Affordable – You can get started for $600 for a multicam video production with multiple angles.

  • Quick setup – We are used by middle school, churches, independent schools and public forums.

  • Multi-camera – Engage your audience by easily switching between wide shots, close-ups, PowerPoints/presentations, etc.

  • Wireless – We can stream to multiple video platforms using HD video format.

  • Portable & versatile – We can fit into a small places and a multi-camera production can be set up on-site in less than 15 minutes.

  • Non-proprietary – We use non-proprietary HDMI ports (input and output), creates standard MP4 (H264) video files to be consumed on multiple web platforms

  • Reach your audience on multiple platforms – We can stream directly to Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo with just a few clicks, or you can stream to virtually ANY streaming service using the universal RTMP protocol. You can also stream to multiple platforms at the same time using a third-party multi-casting solution like

Popular Use Cases

  • Churches – We serve churches across Fairfield county to stream services, community events, and more. The system can easily integrate with existing audio mixers to bring in “house sound”.

  • Public Affairs & Corporate Communications – We can easily stream corporate communications, press conferences, governmental affairs, legal depositions, etc. because it can be easily operated by in-house staff at a moment’s notice.

  • Schools & Remote Learning – With schools and institutions scrambling for remote learning solutions, we stands out as the most affordable, portable and versatile company that can be used all around campus, from the classroom to the auditorium.

  • Community Outreach – As people are asked to stay home for extended periods of time, it becomes all the more important to feel connected to one’s community. We broadcast band performances from local venues, show behind-the-scenes operations of local businesses, help promote fundraisers, interview local officials, etc.

  • Two Way Conferencing – We can also be used for two-way teleconferencing alongside popular services like Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, etc. To do so, simply run your teleconferencing software full-screen on a computer.

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