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Video done right!

With the latest video capture and editing technology, high-definition audio, competitive rates and more - esmauro new media is the obvious choice for your next video production needs!

From basic digital content creation to elaborate full-length videos, short commercials, product unboxing, interview or virtual live-streaming production, we can elevate your next production to new heights.


As the demand for live-streaming has exploded, everyone with a smart-phone has jumped into the game. Or at least they are trying to. It's very easy for a novice to search the internet "How to get started". Unfortunately delivering a high-quality product is not that simple. It takes a professional to develop the eyes, ears and skills to put it all together. 

When your reputation is on the line, who are you going to trust?

A novice with a smart-phone? Or a proven professional with the right hardware, software, knowledge and experience to deliver a finished product that you'll be proud to associate with your brand and established reputation that you've poured your life into?

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